AFM Coalition Meets with the President.

Governor Forces “Gay Marriage” Rulings of CA and MA Judges on the People of New York State

California High Court Decision Striking Down Marriage Underscores Need For Congress To Pass AFM's Marriage Protection Amendment

Catholic Association of Latino Leaders to Join AFM Rally for Marriage in Denver

California Voters Deliver over 1.1M Signatures to Protect Marriage

AFMF’s Denver Rally is featured in the White House Bulletin

The Battle for Marriage Escalates Across the Country

Alliance for Marriage Foundation Calls On National Parties to Include Marriage Protection Amendment Language In 2008 Party Platforms

Alliance for Marriage Foundation Launches Groundbreaking New Campaign

Hispanic Americans to Rally for Marriage at August 2008 Democrat National Convention

Marriage Bait and Switch 

Netherlands forces Homosexual "Marriage" on Aruba 

Black Community Stands Behind Marriage 

Marriage Benefits Couples, Children Alike 

San Francisco Court Labels "Traditional Marriage," "Natural Family" as Hate Speech 

Marriage Struggle Still Alive in Arizona 

National Marriage Coalition Switches Tactics 

Bishop Robert C. Morlino Receives Prestigious Civil Rights Award

Majority Leader Frist and MPA Sponsor Sen. Allard Stand with AFM's Coalition and Message 

Advisory Board Member Robert Woodson Supports Marriage by Empowering Neighborhoods

Chick-fil-A Models Concern for Marriage in the Workplace 

Cardinals Back Marriage Amendment 

Newspaper Praises AFM Advisory Board Member for Efforts to Promote "Responsible Fatherhood" 

AFM Applauds Healthy Marriage Initiative Funding

Lawyer Was Ready for the Marriage Debate, from the LA Times 

The Marriage Bonus, from The Wall Street Journal. 

Man Behind the Amendment, from USA Today 


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The benefits of marriage for husbands, wives, and children essentially and uniquely derive from the fact that marriage unites the two halves of the human race to share in raising children.
America's laws need to send a positive message to kids about marriage, family, and their future.
AFM acknowledges that saving marriage under our laws won't fix all our problems, but legislation and education are a necessary foundation for rebuilding a culture of intact families.
AFM also works to reduce divorce and illegitimacy, stop the welfare system from penalizing poor people who marry, make the workplace more family-friendly, and protect civil rights abuses at the hands of activists seeking to redefine marriage.