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Senators should follow the lead of the House

and build a bipartisan consensus in favor of helping families


WASHINGTON, DC -- The Alliance for Marriage called today for the U.S. Senate to pass proposed legislation eliminating the marriage tax penalty.  The proposed measure, which passed the House earlier this year by a margin of 323 to 95, would make permanent recent tax changes that AFM president Matt Daniels called “critically important” to the fair tax treatment of married couples.  


“The tax code should not penalize couples who make the socially-responsible choice of entering into marriage,” Daniels said.  “Given the reams of social science research which show that kids do best when they grow up in a family with a married mother and father, Senators from both parties should come together to pass this important legislation.”


Until recently, many married couples paid higher taxes as a couple than the two of them would have combined to pay if they had remained single.  In 2001, Congress adopted legislation to eliminate the “marriage penalty” in federal taxation. 




But these changes were only made temporary because of the lack of offsetting budget savings.  Thus, unless the Senate acts soon, Daniels said some married couples will see their federal tax bill rise next year and in each subsequent year until 2010.


“Basic tax fairness for families should not be a political football that Republicans and Democrats kick back and forth,” Daniels said.  “We urge Senators from both parties to follow the lead of the House where a majority in each party supported this measure and eliminate the marriage tax penalty once and for all.”

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