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The Alliance for Marriage was a non-partisan coalition whose Board of Advisors included Rev. Walter Fauntroy — the DC Coordinator for the March on Washington for Martin Luther King Jr. — as well as other civil rights leaders, religious leaders and national legal experts.


It is very important to remember that the entire effort to undermine the legal status of marriage in the courts is premised upon constitutional law.

For example, activist organizations openly admit their plans to use the Equal Protection and Full Faith and Credit clauses of the United States Constitution to eventually impose same-sex “marriage” and “civil unions” on every state in the nation.

The only question is whether the constitutional status of marriage will be determined by unelected judges or the American people.


“The tax code should not penalize couples who make the socially-responsible choice of entering into marriage,” AFM said. “Given the reams of social science research which show that kids do best when they grow up in a family with a married mother and father, Senators from both parties should come together to pass this important legislation.”

In the past, many married couples paid higher taxes as a couple than the two of them would have combined to pay if they had remained single. In 2001, Congress adopted legislation to eliminate the “marriage penalty” in federal taxation.

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