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An Historical Primer on Alliance For Marriage

Looking back on the mission and its goals

The Alliance for Marriage (AFM) was a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and education organization committed to upholding marriage and addressing the deep-rooted issue of fatherless families across the United States. AFM existed to educate the public, the media, elected officials, and civil society leaders on the benefits of marriage for children, adults, and society. AFM also existed to promote reforms designed to strengthen the institution of marriage and restore a culture of married fatherhood in America.

The Alliance for Marriage was committed to supporting the following public policy and civil society reforms:


Reduce the tax burden on married families with children.

Make adoption affordable for more married couples by providing increased tax incentives for adoption.

Require counseling aimed at reconciling married couples, to be offered for wives and husbands considering a divorce in families with children before a divorce is granted.

Eliminate all federal and state-level welfare laws which act to [...]

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