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A Report on Marriage-Friendly Business Practices


Americans are working longer and harder, and married Americans are no exception. But married Americans — particularly those with children — are bearing an even greater strain on their lives. Long commutes, juggling schedules, children’s activities, and keeping the home running all pull married workers in many directions. And these pressures often spill over into their work life.

While family and life pressures can pull married workers in many directions, solutions are available that are attractive to employers as well as married employees. With sustained economic growth, a correspondingly tighter labor market, and qualified workers at a premium, employers are increasingly responding to employee needs. Employers increasingly recognize that a healthy work-life balance for their employees avoids burnout, reduces turnover, prevents relational problems and ultimately means benefits for business. As a result, more employers are voluntarily taking steps to help their workers to better balance their job responsibilities with their responsibilities to their spouse [...]

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