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The Importance of Two Parent Households — Examining The Evidence

Science-Based Analysis of Two Parent and Single Parent Households

Old wisdom existed in many forms but no traditional societal institution has been more cherished and valued across the world than marriage. For thousands of years, marriage was upheld as a non-negotiable legal, religious, and social contract necessary for the recognition of romantic relationships between men and women.

At its roots, marriage is a means of enfranchisement. Lifelong monogamy gives the largest possible share of both men and women a stake in the future prosperity of their communities. Having children gives a father and mother a profound reason to invest in tomorrow — knowing that their legacy will continue for generation(s) to come.

It has also been known for millennia that children need two parents to maximize their chances of flourishing socially and economically. A combination of strong female and male role models help give children a variety and depth in their experiences with adults.


Evidence playing catchup


As with many ancient rites, [...]

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